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FHS Library Policies

  • All FHS behavioral expectations apply in the library.
    –Library staff have the right to ask students to leave the library or limit their use of the library if they violate rules and policies; please be respectful.

  • Students must have a signed pass from their teacher or substitute if they are sent to the library during class time and must sign in/out (select “enter” or “exit” on the library Chromebook and scan your ID card or manually type your ID number, and submit). 

  • Absolutely no eating is allowed in the library; please finish your food and drink outside of the library.
    –Water is permitted away from the computers and printers.

  • Please keep the noise level to a minimum.

  • Please do not sit on the floor or in the aisles.

  • All books and textbooks must be returned to shelves in the proper place after being temporarily used in the library.

  • Three study rooms--one of which is a green screen room with accompanying filming equipment and one of which is a podcasting room with accompanying equipment--can be reserved by request to the library staff. Up to five students may be permitted in each room.

Book Borrowing Policies

  • A student ID card/number is required to check out library books.

  • Library books are typically due back in two weeks and can be renewed as needed.

  •  Library books can be returned (even outside of school hours) via the book depository slot outside of the library front doors.

  • Students are responsible for returning or renewing their library books on time.
    –There are no fines for overdue library books, but fines are issued for lost or damaged library books.
    –Consequences for unreturned books may include missing school social events, and students may not receive their diploma or next year’s class schedule until their accounts have been cleared through the return of the book or fine payment.


Appointment Policies

  • Library services before school, at lunch, & after school are by appointment until further notice.
    –Sign up via this Appointments Google Form or use the QR code on the window outside of the library.
    –Upon your arrival, check in with library staff to confirm your appointment, and then sign in/out (select “enter” or “exit” on the library Chromebook and scan your ID card or manually type your ID number, and submit). 
    –Appointments are for school work, reading, research, printing, browsing,  and book check out/renewal.

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